I’m not sure that I ever was on track with this challenge, or the last for that matter.  TNT once called it “Life’s Trivia”

The summer has been as busy a one as we have had in a few years at my company. No complaints by any means!

From mid august on what little spare time I had was spent focusing on my golf game.  More specific preparing for the Club Championship. I did well.

Recently, with my older boys preparing to attend their freshman year at U-Maine, (now attending)  We enjoyed too many last favorite meals, eating out far more then we normally do.  Whether we were out shopping to pick up those last minute items or the actual drop off days themselves, the diet has not been all that consistent, too many burgers (or worse) on the go.

Of course just when you figure it’s almost back to what the new normal will be, its shuffling the bedroom assignments and preparing the younger twins for their first days of school.

The dust is going to settle on everything all at once! By this time next week we should  all be more familiar with the changes.

I’m happy about the changes, it’s been a mixed up month or so but all in all things have turned out really well!

My older boys are settling into their new lives and appear to be adapting with zeal.

My younger kids now have more personal space and the squabbling between them is greatly reduced.

Mother seems a little displaced but as is with the rest of us, getting use to things just the same.  

Myself? I miss having the older boys around as we all do. They are smart kids and I know they will do well.  Admittedly my diet has been poor but my weight is still in a modest range, this morning I was an even 205. I have been 255. My sugars are holding, my BP is well within range, INR is perfect, and through it all I’ve managed to survive the summer with a little more money in my pocket then when I started my season in February!

I may have shifted tracks momentarily and the shift, although not being in line with the 52DC, has been a good diversion with much more good coming from it then bad. Growth.

Now where will the next month lead? No matter, 52 DC will be the foundation of the meals and exercise as it has been for near the last year.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on August 31, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    Sounds to me like you had one hell of a great summer. Fantastic. Even better that you did not go whole hog – just half hog. Times they are a changing – 50% of the way to becoming an empty nester. Every stage has its own unique pleasures.

    The big question – can you get your focus back? Knowing you – I am sure you will do it in style.

    TNT Man


  2. Cold weather will drive me back to the weights. I do love a warm gym on a cold winters day!

    It won’t be long. By now my store is usually quieting down but not this year so sneaking out during the morning is still tough. Give it a month or so and my outdoor activities will conclude, I really do not like the cold!

    If you had ever watched me lift, style would not be a term that would first come to mind!

    Be well,



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