Need to Reinvigorate….

I have not taken as long a break from the gym (16 days recently) as I have in the last 18 months or so. I have not exactly been lax by any means but what I have been doing is not tightening my oblique muscles like a good Swiss ball Russian Twist with a pull over using a 25 pound plate does.

If you have not done so I would encourage you to pick up a 30 pound bag of golf clubs and tote them up down and around for four hours at a pop and not call it a workout. I don’t ride a cart, it’s not me, I play better when I walk anyway.

“OK ROB! You’ve made your pathetic case for not pushing a little weight! Now quit justifying and get your ass back to the weighted bar!”

I’m going to re-do NROL Fat loss 1. I think this is just what the doctor would order if a doctor were involved. I need a plan, this is the ticket, I really enjoyed it the first time around, saw and felt the results.

The challenge will be to not re-aggravate the groin pull the Bulgarians laid on me last time around. No more with 50 lbs of weight. I am going to start with body weight for week one with the Rotational lunges and the Bulgarians, the dead’s I will start out easy then increase by feel.

 Gotta do something to get back on track.

 NORL FL1, Now Do It!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on August 25, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    HIAH stands for Men’s Health “Huge In A Hurray.” by Chad Waterbury. Damn those marketing people. The Names that Sell. Look two forums above the 52DC and you will find the forum for this book. Not bad actually. Very structured program. Tommy swears by it. I am not doing the 3600 or taking on any special goals. I want to focus on this and see were it leads me. I overloaded myself last challenge.

    Summer is ending. It is time to tighten the focus and get back to basics – both in exercise and diet.

    We both need that,.

    Enjoy your new 1/2 empty nest.


  2. A little break now and then does your body and your mind good! You haven’t just been sitting are right about carrying around the clubs….here is a funny story! My 16 year old has been golfing once a week lately and we went to play baseball a couple weeks ago after he had carried his bag on his right arm…yep, his arm was so sore…we were ready to kill him! We told him no more carrying your bag on the right arm…lol! Anyway, sounds like you have a plan and I know you will get back at it and make it happen!




  3. Hooking up with a new (well, old… ) program might be just what you need to get things ramped up again! I found that when I strictly restarted the MH Hardbody plan from the ground up, instead of the frankenroutine that had evolved from several months or years of substituting various exercises. After a few months of that, I am ready for a new routine tooo, and will be moving on to one of the BBOE (big book of exercises) routines as soon as my current circuit class is done.


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