Trust The Line,……..

I told myself this every time I stepped over my golf ball and attempted a putt “Trust the line, Trust the line.”

Putting mechanics are the same no matter if you are out 30 feet or 30 inches. Stand square behind the ball, envision the line, set the ball. All new golf balls of any value have a reference line on them now a day.  Use the line, Trust the line.

Stand to the side of your ball, hover your putter, gauge your speed. Address the ball, line your putter up, one more peek to the hole, eye back on the ball, pull the trigger. Then smile or swear…… The mechanics are always the same.

There are a number of cusps where you can alter your decisions and things go awry. Too many times to mention I have hovered over my ball second-guessed my line an inevitably end up missing miserably. “You should have trusted the line fool!” “You should have trusted the line!” I’d say! 

This weekend I putted very well – I Trusted The Line.

Friday I played in a scholarship fundraiser at a local venue, (just an amazing golf course.) On Saturday and Sunday I competed in the Men’s Club Championship at my home course. All in all I turned in respectable scores every day.

One of my goals this year was to post both rounds for the Championship in the 70’s. Saturday I shot 79, Sunday 77. Accomplished! My 156 total is 10 strokes better then last years finish.

Goal #2, place in the top 10, when I left earlier today I was sitting in 6th, with just a couple guys on the course that could move me down the board. I will know my exact placement tomorrow morning, worst case finish I expect will be 8th.  

During both events my putter was the most consistent club in my bag. I can’t remember ever saying that before!

I Trusted The Line!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on August 22, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Nice – Congrats.

    Look forward to hearing the final results.

    TNT Man


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