Steve Is Da Man….

 I have a good friend of mine, Steve. Met him through my kids and their many activities years ago. Steve is a local businessman like myself and whenever we got together on the sideline of a ball fields or court we always had plenty to talk about.

A little over a year ago Steve had noticed that I was shrinking, wanted to know what I was doing. This was my pre-MH Forum days, told him the low carb low fat thing, hitting the gym and more activity because of the correction to my heart. (Suggested he not try the heart correction thing)

It was around the first of June or so, told him I was going to run in my first ever 5K invited him to run with me which he took me up on. That was July 4th 2009. We run and both of us did awful although we both finished.

Run a second 5K two weeks after, again both of us did awful, I came in 4th to last, Steve finished last, but again we both finished.

Now the good part; Yesterday Steve and I run in the 4th of July 5K. Since Christmas Steve has lost 102 Pounds! The man is my hero he looks great. All through the spring I would see him and say wow! Man you are doing well. He was exercising regularly and sticking to the diet he set for himself, working good.

Yesterday Steve took 15 minutes off his run time from last year! Smoked me by a minute or better. The picture is of him meeting me at the finish line and running in with me. I posted a better time but certainly not 15 minutes better!

After the race he thanked me for helping to set him on his way. I told him I had nothing to do with it he was the one that did all the work. He told me that had I not invited him last year and had we not done so poorly he would not have taken to his changes in diet and exercise. I still say I had little to nothing to do with it.

We run in the Hallowell 5K in two weeks, we wont be last this year.   

Steve is Da Man!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on July 5, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    Nicely Done. It is always a plus when we realize that we have impacted someone else’s life by our example and encouragement – it makes us stick to our guns that much more. Which leads me to”

    “AOTD: Diet? My CE’s are suffering! Yesterday after the run I had a couple slices of watermelon, and the pasta salad was not in keeping with the TNT Plan A I struggle to follow lately.
    I feel as though I am making up for my wayward eats with the increased activity I’m doing. Last week I weighted in at 200.4 on the gym scale….”

    Try re-focusing your thinking on this. You are not cheating. You are doing a re-feed. If normally – Mon – Friday, keep your body at a glycogen deficit, then a meal or two over the weekend is not going to destroy your diet. The Carbs will be used to fill the glycogen in you muscles and not be converted to fat. Witness the fact that your weight has been relatively stable for the past 6 weeks – and – you have been making progress in your strength and fitness goals.

    The key – if you know you are going to be facing an eating situation – schedule it in and enjoy. Watermellon – love it – had some – yesterday – about a cup or so. Pasta Salad – what a waste of time – but that’s just me.

    Keep up the great work.
    TNT Man


  2. That is great advice TNT, thank you. I always value your input.

    Breakfast and lunch during the week are pretty square. I am very regimented to my morning eggs and coffee with cream. I always have a protein shake on the days I work out, and I pack my lunch every day. Generally a grilled chicken breast or burger and frozen veggies. Days are pretty much under control.

    It’s my dinners and weekends when we are who the hell knows where that I have trouble sticking to the plan. You hit the nail right on the head.

    It’s summer, come fall and winter I tend to be much more regimented in the evenings and weekends too. It’s the out late with golf or a BBQ that steer me astray. Especially at the BBQ’s with the enticing dishes and the flow of margaritas!

    Last week Doc told me what weight he felt was ideal for me. Said that if I could maintain my vitals as they have been recently he would consider me dam near perfect at 190.

    Mother doesn’t fully agree though, figures he had taken none of my bad habits like golf and cow tipping into account before making the statement!


  3. Posted by TNT Man on July 5, 2010 at 9:46 PM

    Margaritas – a drink designed to doom any diet. I have learned to enjoy a good Cabernet or Shiraz or similar heavier tasting wine. If I need sweet – I go for Vodka and Diet Cola. Now Smirnoff has a black cherry vodka which – when added to diet coke – is a cherry coke with a kick.

    This past weekend – 4.5 pound weight gain – just from two evenings of allowing myself some carbs. I know that it is mostly water – actually I pray it is mostly water – will know better by Friday.

    Summer time and the living is easy – too easy.

    TNT Man


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