Back to the AM circuits…

I had not been to the gym in the early AM since last fall that I can remember, It felt OK to return. Pretty much the same crowd, Good people. Folks smiled and said hello.

Ron Fletcher is who I would say is our TNT Man. He has a few years on TNT, Ron’s probably 75, retired military, lifts virtually everyday and it shows. I would not instigate a fight with him!  

Doc Shelton and his wife, who sign up for about 6 machines all at the same time, there and pumping on an elliptical.

Two or three other folks I recognized were on the same treadmills, right where they were when I last attended in the early, I wonder, “Have they ever gone home?”

A couple of the regular ladies were walking the track, they would never say but they watch everything that everyone is doing as they circle the gym. Good thing too if someone were to drop for some reason or another.

I was performing the last circuit in the NROL Fat Loss I. The last two moves are the Romanian Dead’s and the Lat Rolls. You could tell that every time they passed me it was too obvious that they were watching me.

Just as I had finished the last set of the Lat Rolls and slumped into a heap resting against the ball with the stick across my lap, I looked up, and here were the girls stopped on the track and laughing a bit. I looked over smiled, and said, “You girls were waiting to see if I was going to fall off the ball weren’t you?” Laughing back, they all agreed, it was kind of funny.

6AM is going to be OK for the summer.  Some visits the folks make the gym feel at home.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on June 2, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    yep – the regulars – same people – all the time – we know each other’s routines – and comment on how well each are doing – they cheered me on – in my attempts to do chin-ups – Nice – good to be a regular.


  2. It’s good to go where everyone knows your name…..


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