34 My Arse!…..

Shooting  just 1 – 9 hole round at par is going to frustrate the hell out of me!

It’s not like it will be the first time for me, I accomplished the feat twice last year and posted a number of +1 & +2 rounds, this spring though, I am all over the card.

Here’s a good whine; Last Thursday I made the first 5 holes look easy, no more then an 18 inch putt for par….#6, Double Bogie, #7, single bogie, #8, double bogie, #9, (why be different now!) double bogie, for a round of 41! Very few of my 9 hole scores start with a “4”. I tend to be most consistently between 36-38, 34 is within reach, Not lately.

Today I was running late, made the first tee just in time to catch my regular 4-some. (Meatheads would have left without me had I been 30 seconds later! 5:30 is 5:30!)

I managed to gather myself up and bogie the first 2 holes, I’m ok with that. Finally settled down and hit a stride, pared a few holes, bogie, bogie, then on # 8 hit a pretty good drive for me, 250-260yds, just shy of a water hazard. Nice shot! I even impressed myself.  I only had a clean wedge shot to the green…but nooooo. I chose to chop the ball into the pond…couldn’t stand the prosperity I guess!

Oh well…finished with a 7, triple, can’t remember my last triple…#9, bogie, finished with a 42. No improvement yet.

Whine, Whine, Whine!

Somewhere between the two Thursdays I had put a 37 together, there is hope. 


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on May 28, 2010 at 9:02 AM

    What language are you speaking? 😉

    Obviously I am not a golfer.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend.


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