Night Before The Summer Challenge….

…..And all is well.

My body is rested, as rested as my body can be for this time of the year and I’m in a good place to start the summer challenge.

This break between challenges has been good. Can’t say my diet has been perfect, although my weight is still holding fine. I’ve not been as frequent at the gym but I was due for a gap. The Golf game is better, business is rocking, and physically and mentally I am ready to get back at it.

  • Here are my goals for this challenge;
  • Clean Eats; 90/104, (I’ll make 95)
  • Resistance; 16
  • Cardio; 16
  • PG1; 5200 Push Ups (Std, Decline, Swiss Ball, Bosu, I’ll hit em all)
  • PG2; Join the Century Club, Do 100 Consecutive Push Ups.
  • Starting, 5/25/10 – 56 reps.
  • PG3; Shoot Par (34 for 9 holes) 1 Time During This Challenge.

Vitals; Weight; 204.8. Body Fat; 29.3. BP; 138/76. Resting Heart Rate; 48. Glucose; 161, INR; 3.0. I will have updated Cholesterol numbers on June 2nd, next date for a finger stick.

I’m Ready! You Ready?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on May 25, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    Looks like those vitals are holding steady. Nice to see. But – your weight is also holding steady – portion size – strict Plan A – below 200 before the end of the challenge – now that – is you challenge.

    See what happens when you share – we all know too much. 😉


  2. I Know! I Know! You see, if I didn’t share then there would be no one to give me hell when I frig up!

    Your right about portion control being the thing, cheese mainly too, it’s easy to put more then a slice worth on my eggs in the morning. I snack on it during the day. Beef jerky too, I don’t portion it out as well as I should. Meals are OK, it’s the snack portions more then not.

    Lately I have been more into the salad and cut vegetables, I’ll break 200 by challenge end, maybe by the end of next week.


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