TNT Forum Post…

I received great news yesterday from both my regular doc and my cardiologist; I thought I would share the information with this forum.

Here are my latest cholesterol test results; blood was drawn just over a week ago. At that point I had been on the TNT Diet Plan for about 7 weeks. The comparison numbers were from testing the first week of March.

I had expected a rise in my total number in the neighborhood of 225 or so, Figured if I could drop below 200 on the Triglycerides, and raise my HDL, decrease my particle ratio slightly It would be a move in the right direction. I can say I didn’t expect this.

Cholesterol; 128, Down from 196.  HDL; 36 had been 29. LDL; 65, down from 106

Triglycerides; 133, down from 342.  No protein in my urine. A1C; 6.6% average 138.

Reports that I have lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks.

Dr. Comments; Excellent blood count. Great Cholesterol, Your average sugar over the three months is great, Liver tests are normal.

Until today we had not talked about the TNT Plan. He shook his head a little, advised me about testing for Keytones, just as my cardiologist had, then pointed at my blood work up and said “How do I argue with these results? This is exactly where we have been trying to get.” “Keep doing what you are doing.”

I think I will follow his advice.  

Good day for the Capt’n.


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