Still Waiting….

It’s been a week since I had blood work done and an echo recorded at the cardiologist office. I have heard absolutely nothing! I am going to continue with the adage, “No new is good news!”

If the results of these two tests are close to what my vital readings were today the news can only be good. Tomorrows appointment with my PCP will provide me info on the blood work, I will post the values tomorrow night.

 Vitals for 5/3/10; Numbers are good!

Weight; 203lbs (continuing in the right direction)  BP 129 / 76 / 51hr, (that’s right, it would be a sin if it were better!) body fat 28.8, (dropping, still a lot of work to do here) Glucose; 183 (stress has set in, still 75 points lower) INR 2.5, (right in the middle of my prescribed range, upped the dosage to compensate for the TNT diet) Keytones; Negative.

My expectation for my blood results; First, Doc will give me a rash about the TNT Diet. Total cholesterol will be up, 225, (up from 196, will piss the Dr. off) HDL will be over 40, (50 would be cool – up from 29) LDL will be 125, (up from 106) Triglycerides will be down to 225, (under 200 would be cool – down from 342)  Kidney function and all that will be good.

Particle size will go from 11.79 to 4!…, Hey, I can expect the miraculous! If not this time around definitely by the next go in June.  

To be continued….


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on May 4, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    How long have you been low carbing? I am guessing 8-10 weeks. My first blood test after starting was closer to 4 months or so. Your blood pressure is great. You will break 200 within the next couple of weeks. Yeah – almost as anxious as you – to find out your results.

    Good Luck
    TNT Man


  2. Hey TNT,
    Check out the email I sent you, advance copy so to speak.
    Tomorrow morning I will post the results on the forum as well as post a blog about it.

    I really am beside myself with the numbers. I have to say that I did not harbor the confidence that this could happen, especially as quickly as it has.

    I am in my 8th week on TNT right now, because of the study I am in I get tested quite a lot more often then the norm. It is one of the upsides for being a Guinea Pig. My nest finger stick check is scheduled for June 2nd, then again in mid August.

    Echo results are just as promising. I will share the letter I received from my cardiologist in the blog post too. I did not realize that an ascending aorta, once dilated could revert.



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