The Last 24 Hours or so….

Wednesday morning 7AM, I am sitting in the hospital lab waiting for my name to be called for a blood draw. 2 nurses calling folks in order of arrival, one very young girl, the other a seasoned sticker…I kept saying to myself….”Man, I Hope I get the veteran…Hope I get the veteran”  Not the way my luck works, You know I ended up with the rookie!

20 minutes and 3 sticks later she drew her 4 tubes, had me urinate in a small cup, and I am taking my tape-covered arms to work. I expect I will get a copy of the results inside a week….more to follow.

Echo went as well as echo’s go I guess. It is odd to see the valve I have up on a screen. You can see the configuration and the leaflets working clear as day. Because it’s a solid object you can see it more clearly then you can one of my natural tissue valves.

When I asked (and I did more then once) “How does it look”, the polite reply was …”Now you know I can’t comment on that.” “Doc will give you a call”.

Dr. Dave hasn’t called yet, I am banking on the theory that “no news is good news”. I feel too good for there to be much wrong.

Sitting on the bench in the locker room last night after NROL FL1 B2, writing my notes…Dick Colman, 75, there every night, he runs at least a mile then sits on the couch and watches the news

Dick says to me “You sure keep up with that log.”  “I did years ago too.”

Rob; “Yeah, just trying to keep up with my doings…and…if I drop dead they will have a good set of notes as to what not to do !”   He chuckles…

Dick tells me he stopped keeping a running log at 60. At that time he had documented over 24,000 miles. I’ve known Dick for years, he’s a good guy and in better shape today then most of the guys I know who are my age. 

After last nights workout I weighted at the gym, just a shade over 205….Not bad! I had to look twice…right out of the shower and without my glasses, it was correct though.

This morning, clean & dry, 202.4! I’m going to be changing the first number here before to long.

Reading this, it sounds like I did a lot of sitting eh?

This morning I was 202.4…moving in the right direction…


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on April 29, 2010 at 7:54 PM

    I hate getting blood taken, especially if they have to stick me a second time. These days, with my arms as thin as they are – the comments I get are more like – “this will be easy.”

    I got the same “no comment” on my echo. The only positive was that she let me know if there was something instantly wrong – she would call the doctor in immediately – some assurance – take it where I can get it.

    You will break the 200 mark – it will happen – because you want it to.

    Keep up the great work.
    TNT Man


  2. Needles…yuck! I am not one who can handle needles…remember a time that they tried to draw blood 5 or 6 times and had to call in Dr….I have small veins and a weak heart…lol!

    Your blog might sound like lot’s of sitting, but I know otherwise and the scale doesn’t lie either! Great TNT man says…you will be below 200 soon! Keep doing what you are doing…it is working!

    Enjoy the last few days of the challenge…and thank you for all you have done!



  3. BB Mom,
    I really hate needles! My veins are really visible now so I would have thought that hitting one would have been a little easier.
    You are welcome but really no need to thank me for helping with the hosting this time around, just my turn. With the example you set you certainly add more.

    How are the trade talks going with SixGz? What you guys do is incredible!

    Diet may be starting to really kick in. This afternoon at the gym I weighted in at just under 204 after a hard go round with NROL A3, I feel good. I really appreciate all the assistance you have freely given to me along the way here.
    I brought my camera home from the office, I’m taking a picture of my feet and that number soon!



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