Traditionally when I get run down my numbers suffer. My vitals this week are not bad but they are not super either. This week has been a long 15-16 days and it’s catching up with me.

We had an Open House scheduled at my business for the weekend of the 17th-18th. Due to a correct forecast of snow I postponed it to this past weekend.

Little difficult to sell boats, outside, during a snowstorm! This past weekend we enjoyed a perfect setting and held a successful show. It turned out to be a good decision. We enjoyed a good turnout and sales were exceptional. Not just in the amount of what we sold (sales are still soft) but more so in what we sold.

Only downside has been the workload I have been carrying. Even though I had officially postponed I still manned the store most of the day the 17th and Part of the day the 18th. So by my math I’m on day 16 in a row…not complaining, just tired today. I think I will take the afternoon off, complete the 5% calculations and write this week’s recap.

Vitals for 4/27/10; Weight 205.2, (up a shiver, still not bad) Body fat, 29.3 (via my $25 scale) BP 132/76/51hr, (Excellent!) INR, 1.7, (shows I’m still eating my vegetables) Glucose, 173, (higher but still 75points lower pre-TNT) Keytones, T-Neg. (Good I guess, not 100% up to speed on this yet)

Scheduled for blood work tomorrow morning, 6 month Echo at 2pm. Get it all out of the way in one day.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on April 27, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Being able to maintain under pressure – well done. These numbers are snap shots of that moment in time, I would be great if our bodies worked like a machine and did it in a linear fashion – but that ain’t it kid.

    Stopped at a winery in the Keuka area. Did a wine tasting. Bought a couple of bottles and had one for dinner, took three back home for later.

    BTW – sunscreen does not cut it – once you’ve had a patch of Basel Cell Carcinoma. Fear sets in and takes contol.


  2. Glad to see you back TNT.
    It is easy for someone like me to just suggest a quick fix (the sunscreen) when we are not the ones in the same position. I would do exactly what you do.

    I’m not too bent about my numbers they have been much worse in the past. You have been where I am you know what I mean.

    The dancing sounded like a good time, sounds like you had a good break.

    I like NY Reds, anything I should look for?


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