Workout A2, NROL Fat-Loss 1…

Didn’t get it just right…Still got it done.

Mis-read on my part, Circuit A2 is exactly the same as workout A1 with 3 sets, 15 reps, 75 seconds of rest between, didn’t do that. I jumped ahead apparently. 

For some reason I had convinced myself that I was upping my weights, decreasing my reps to 12 @ set and resting 60 seconds between exercises. Rookie mistake..Read the book dummy! Wrote it down correctly in my journal just didn’t read it closely before walking out onto the floor.

I can’t say that I did much harm, I still logged a solid workout. Here is what it looks like (remembering  am a lightweight)

Warmup with 1/4 mile walk, then start the HR watch, arm rolls, leg lifts, side leg strides, 40 jumping jacks, 25 BOSU ball push ups, 20 standard squats, 3-80 count BOSU ball planks.

Alternating sets of Squats, 65/12, 85/12, 105/12,  & Sitting cable rows, 80/12, 120/12, 150/12. I am not right in front of a clock so I do a half assed count for my rest periods.

Next, again, alternating sets, Supine hip extensions, BW/12, X3, Dumb bell push presses, 20ea/12, 30ea/12, 35ea/12. Last few reps are a job to keep good form.

Last alternating sets, Rotational lunges, 15/12, 20/12, 25/12, Swiss ball crunches, BW/12 X3. I finished with 20 – Elevated chair dips, 15 – Reverse pull ups, 15 – Elevated chair dips, 15 – Reverse chin ups, short walk, cool down, 5 minutes of stretching.

Total workout 58:33 Minutes, 122 average hr, 155 peak.


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