Giving NROL a Try….

I am not a packaged workout kind of guy…I have a circuit that I am actually very pleased with. It leaves me well taxed when completed and I laid it out to work every muscle group equally.  The more I read though, the more I see the imbalances with it.

So….I’m going to give NROL, Fat Loss 1 – A & B Circuits a try. Bought the book Saturday, couldn’t help myself.

12 workouts for starters, one every other day.  This will push me through the remainder of this challenge and fill some of the gap leading into the next one.

Sunday afternoon I went to the gym with a couple of goals in mind. First, set a benchmark for the weights I will be using with each exercise and second, to practice a couple of the moves I had never done.

Swiss Ball Lat Rolls,, WTH? Just didn’t see the value in it until I tried it. Only fell off the ball 2 maybe 3 times. Remember the question asked on the forum this past week, “Most Foolish Thing You Have Witnessed at the Gym?”  for a while I was the answer to that question. With a little work I feel like I have it dialed in.

What’s up with all the Bolshevik type country exercises too?  Romanian Dead Lifts? Bulgarian Split squats? Where these nationalities just good at torture? “You There! 3 Sets of 10 Reps Right Now! Or We Kill You!” How many do you figure opted for death?

Tuesday night, considering that I get home from the days travels at a reasonable time I plan to give Workout 1A my best effort.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on April 19, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    NROL Fat Loss I, II & III are tough workouts. The Bulgarian Split Squat – well you already know my opinion on that one. I need a sky hook to keep me up. The Swiss Ball Jack Knife – the ladies have no problem with it.

    TNT Man


  2. Is that why I have no problem with the SB Jack knives?
    My feminine side is stepping forward…Cool!


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