Spectacular Workout…

63 minutes, 115 Average heart rate, 150 peak.

16 exercises, 24 sets, 326 reps.

Not every day is it that I leave the gym feeling like I really taxed myself with virtually every exercise performed, today I did.

This was a very mixed up routine.  Performed my regular warm up circuit, walk, arm rolls, leg lifts, spreads, 40 jumping jacks, 20 standard squats, and 25 standard push-ups. Instead of moving into a core circuit of planks, Swiss ball crunches and decline sit ups, I performed a couple sets of Bulgarian split squats. I see why folks are hating this move.

10 pound weights for starters. I read where Tommyland is using 10lb DB’s so I figured I’d start there.  Not Bad…I think I will increase the weight next go at it. Probably 20 pounders next. The move is just another one I know I will learn to hate if I weight them enough and do enough reps. 

Spent a lot of time at the cable machine doing sets of pull downs opposite curls.  Being I was in the Manchester facility I knocked out 4-10 rep sets of “Punch the Drunks” (Thanks TNT)

I have spent a lot of time lately working on balancing my routines. The direction given in the TNT manual talks of countering every pushing move with a pulling move. Every vertical lift is offset with a vertical pull, hips opposite quads. I’m still not 100% in-line but I’m nearing the balance point.

Finished today’s routine with Swiss ball hip raises with my knees bent and the bottom of my feet balancing the ball. These babies can get pretty grueling on the hamstrings and upper calf muscles. Used the Swiss ball to do a few 75 count planks, then finished the exercise part with 20 Swiss ball push ups. If you have not done Swiss ball push ups you should, especially as a closing act when you are used up. What ever is left that ball sucks right out of you.

Cool down, 7-8 minutes of stretching, 2nd half of a 50 or so gram protein shake, shower, dress and on the way home, about and hour and 35 minutes.

I love the feeling that you’ve accomplished something….now, if I can still walk to do it all over again tomorrow!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on April 15, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    Well Done. If I could find the sob of a Bulgarian who invented the split squats – I would drive a wooden stake through his heart. I need a sky hook to remain erect.

    Great workout – now go play a round of golf
    TNT Man


  2. Great blog, Captdhd, and a couple of great routines. I’m going to try incorporating some of your nastiest moves into my routine over the next few weeks – keep the great info coming!

    BTW, the worst part of the bulgarian split squats, to me, is keeping upright on the last couple of reps. One of these days, I’m gonna wobble right over onto the floor, still clutching the dumbells. That will be the true sign that failure has been reached!


  3. AWESOME! What more can I say!!!! I know how you must feel…not often do you get that feeling…so when you do…enjoy it!!!



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