Big Post, If You Are On TNT, Worth The Read…

Tuesday is vitals day in the Captn’s life; BP 139/82/48hr. Fasting Glucose 168. Weight 205.2. Body Fat 29.5. INR 1.5. (Now this is a problem, although and easily correctable one.) 

Weight is not significantly lower but it’s 1.5 lbs lower. Other then the INR I’m holding good! Now as far as the INR goes my target is 2.5, 1.5 is potential strokes-ville range.  When you report a 1.8 like I did last week, I get a call from Nurse Martina, twists my arm a little, up the dose a bit.

Apparently when I post a 1.5 I get a call from the man himself, my cardiologist, Dr. Dave. “What the hell are you doing?!!”

Dave is not only my Doc. he’s a customer of my company, He’s also become a friend too. We talk pretty freely.

Today we had the TNT diet plan talk. I had somewhat mentioned it to Nurse Martina but I guess it never was put in my file or discussed with Dr. Dave. He’s really not that put off, he has some knowledge of it and most important, he’s onboard and willing to work with me on it.

The starting point was that we both agreed that the eating plan I had been following was not working. By looking at my early numbers I have concrete data that this is better.

He did admit that he has other patients who, where they are not on the TNT plan specifically, are on an Atkins style plan and in his words, “Tolerate it well” 

Dave voiced some concern as to the long term effects. The conversation turned to quality of life first then we will worry about the quantity second.

Concern #2; Being I am involved in a tightly monitored FDA Study pertaining to the On-X valve I had put in my chest. The valve producer has a fairly large interest and investment in keeping me alive.

His suggestion; Keep doing what I’m doing.  Test my cholesterol numbers more frequently, every 3 months, keeping a regular eye on them.  Also, to add urine testing to my practices. Monitoring to make sure the keytones in my system do not get too high.

Knowing the variables will offer the information If we need to make adjustments if necessary. I’m game.    

Believe it or not, he sounded positive and at no time even attempted to talk me out of it. It was an encouraging conversation.

I have faith that TNT is only going to make me healthier, it’s going to make Dr. Dave and On-X look good too!


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  1. Sounds like you have a good Dr….my hubby had the same type of discussion with our Dr…he was ok with it…but hubby had 3 blood tests over a year and numbers were not good…now on Cholesterol meds…has first appt. with Cardiologist since being on meds to see how numbers look! He is in the best shape sine college … tough to know which way to go! Good luck..keep doing what you are doing. Sometimes it is tough to know what to believe…so much info. out there!


  2. I hope your husbands’ situation shows improvement when he goes back in for testing. I take a Statin and it does help the cause.
    I agree, it is a tough to know what is right and what is not…I guess you just make sound decisions on the known. It is really obvious that following a low carb low fat diet does not work for my system.
    The one variable I mentioned that works to my advantage is how closely I am monitored. It can also be a double-edged sword too though. I am in all senses a Guinea Pig.
    For being a test dummy, On-X covered a portion of my surgery and I have most of my ongoing medical care paid for. For a father of 4 working in the big kids toy business in this economy, this is a real asset. I am by today’s standards uninsurable.
    The On-X company is working through the FDA approval stages. As being part of their study I report my vitals every Tuesday, so as is the case yesterday, if something is out of whack I get a call and almost immediate attention.
    This may all sound fine and well but there are strings attached as to what I am permitted to do. If I had presented my desire to go TNT before having preliminary success numbers in hand I know I would not have been given permission.
    Dr. Dave is a sound physician and I trust him, I’m happy he is on board at least for now. As long as I continue to post good numbers and my health remains good, I will encounter no issues.
    If my cholesterol numbers are not improved by mid May, I expect it will be requested that I stop.
    That will present a tough decision.


  3. Posted by TNT Man on April 7, 2010 at 8:06 AM

    You are one amazing guy. I am happy that this direction is working for you 0 at least in part and that you Doc is willing to continue. Mine ran me through a series of blood tests in the early years – he just did not believe my numbers. He still is a little shy on it – but basically says – keep doing what you are doing.

    I wonder – is there a way to tell – which veggies are messing up the INR numbers? Is this number impacted by carb levels or fat levels? There are ways to play out the reduced carbs with fewer veggies and a small serving of complex carbs such as Beans, etc.


  4. It’s all the salad TNT. Thanks for the compliment but I’m really not all that amazing, I’m just a normal guy. Well….sort of normal…depends who you are talking to!

    The up side to my low INR reading is that it is glaring proof that I am eating my vegetables!

    It’s the salad. Any vegetable with a high vitamin K count will effect my INR. This is a number that is actually pretty easy to control. I will increase my Jantovin (Coumadin) problem solved. I am hopeful that at some point in the future, because of the study I am in, that I will take nothing but an 81mg aspirin.

    I have already made the adjustment in my meds, I expect I will be 3.2 – 3.5 next week, better high then low I guess. Adjust again and then level off. I knew there would be an adjustment period.

    I am fortunate to know my doctors on more then a professional level. I will get a little more latitude.


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