Lateral Cable Rotations….

The BBOE refers to it as a Rotational Chop, I don’t chop though, I rotate my torso strait across, laterally.

With my side to the machine, arms strait out in a position that is proper form for doing a Cable Core Press, (pg 295 position B). Then, instead of pulling my arms back to my chest or pulling in a chopping motion, I hold my arms tight and rotate my torso almost 90 degrees with authority then return back to the starting position more slowly, never releasing the tension on the cable until I complete my reps.

If you are looking to work your abs this is a killer move, I can feel my midsection muscles just squeezing the fat out from between them! I start out with 60 lbs, tighten my abs, do 15 reps left, then 30 seconds of rest, then 15 reps right. At about #8 I can feel a real pull going on in my lower abs, by #12 the burn is moving up. 

I take a good minute or so rest, then move up to 70 lbs, do 12 reps left, 30 second rest, 12 reps right. Usually I’m feeling it pretty good by now, the obliques are feeling it, abs from top to bottom are feeling it…nice…. Another minute or so of rest then I move to either 80 or 90 lbs depending upon how I cocky I feel, do 6-8 or10 reps left, turn, rest, do 6-8 or 10 reps right.

This exercise, the Swiss ball jackknives, and the 75 count Bosu ball planks are doing battle with that tough layer of fat around my midsection.  I want that spare tire gone!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on April 4, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    There was a period of time I was doing Cable exercises like crazy. Wood Chops and the reverse Lifts. The Lateral Twist – which sounds like what your are doing. A variation – set the two cables at about shoulder height grab each – cock your elbows a bit, move your body so that you are facing one if the columns and then twist the body 90 degrees – reverse grip and go in the other direction. Another alternative – which I like: The grab and punch move. Set the two hand crips at about elbow height. Stand between the two colums and grab the two – then face one column. One arm back and ready to punch – one arm forward and ready to pull. Kind of like grabbing the drunk with one hand, pulling him toward you and punching him with the other hand. Amazing how visualizing the exercise in that manner gives more ooomph to the exercise.

    Sooo many variations on the theme – all to keep you interested.


  2. That is what makes you so successful at what you do…being able to adjust the exercise to better fit your needs! Awesome!!! Gotta love those swiss ball jacknives!!! Sounds like your mid section is melting away…will be where you want to be in no time!


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