Day 19 of TNT…

Time to do some catching up. While I have been preparing for my RRW stint I have let my Bloging go a bit.

First of all my vitals, BP 132/78/51hr. Fasting Glucose 151. Weight 206.8. Body Fat 29.7%, INR 1.8. Loooookin good if you asked me.

My blood pressure readings and glucose numbers have not been so good in long time. In fact, with taking 4 prescription drugs just targeting my BP I can’t find on my charts where my BP was under 140/85/55hr for two weeks in a row for at least two years. 3 weeks ago it was 154/98. Tuesday 132/78/51hr.

Fasting glucose value is promising. This number is 50 points lower then a previously good day. If I can draw this number down another 20 points I can probably convince my PCP to wean me off Metformin.

Weight is not really a concern, after all, I can’t expect much here because I have frigged up a couple of times. As a note, The poor decisions I made came by my misunderstanding of the Diet Plan. (other then the popcorn) I thought the choice I was making was in line. I plan every meal now, nothing “just happens”.

It will be a bonus if I drop 20 although losing a lot of weight is not my main focus here. I have not gained. Doing the 40+ solid minute workouts and changing the type and tempo of those workouts is having an affect on my body shape. I feel strong.

INR is easy to adjust, 1.8 is slightly out of range I will compensate by taking 2.5mg of Jantovin to level out. This number is a byproduct of all the salad and green vegetables I have been eating.

Last two workouts have been modest by heart rate standards only averaging around a 115 hr for the 60 minute circuits but they feel much more intense. I’ve been sticking more to conventional lifting IE, Deads, Squats, Curls, Bench, Flys, Pull Overs , in sets of 3, 10 reps each, increasing weights, and resting between sets. . Prior I had been doing more body weight cardio type stuff, moving from exercise to exercise without rest between.

I’m only 19 days in I’m seeing a little improvement and I feel good.

Be Well.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 31, 2010 at 7:11 AM

    Congrats on your progress – nicely done. I do not even want to guess what you have in your medicine cabinet.

    If you keep your total carbs below the 50 gram mark – your blood glucose levels should fall. I am reading the new Atkins book where Jeff Volek, one of the authors of TNT, is also an author of this book. They specifically speak to keeping a tight eye on those numbers since the diet can have a substantial impact on those levels and the levels of various meds.

    It is always interesting to see the impact of an eating plan on our bodies. My Sister-in-Law – the Carb addict, is certain that her Cholesterol levels are genetically bad. She will not even consider an alternative direction. The medical world that advises her – pooh-poohs the Carb concept.

    Time will tell. Keep up the great work.
    TNT Man


  2. TNT, Thanks for the encouragement and direction. i’ feel like I am on the right path finally.
    I had a solid workout today, I think I have moved through the sluggish stage, really fell strong today, reps came easy.

    I read the post about your Mother, how is she doing? How are you doing?



    • Posted by TNT Man on March 31, 2010 at 8:57 PM

      I am particularly interested in your Diabetes situation paired with your cardiac. My son (39) – who I have mentioned – is also a Diabetic and gives himself shots – 2-3 times a day. He can not exercise. Probably is carrying 30+ extra pounds and considerslow carb eating insane. So following your progress is important.

      I was able to reduce my BP meds substantially with the weightloss + exercise + low carbing. Still taking a small amount probably because the doc is afraid to stop it.

      My mom is a roller coaster – and right now the ride is not fun. There is improvement. Thanks for asking.


  3. It sounds as though your son has a much more serious case of Diabetes then I do TNT.

    I take an oral medication, 1000mg of Metformin just before bed each night. I do not need to take injections, hope never to have to.

    The carbs are easily the key. The dietician says that I my daily carb intake should be no more 240 grams. That does not work. 50 or under seems to be the ticket.

    My daughter is concerned with the fact that I do not eat any grains anymore and feels that I should be. I assure her that what I am doing is proper, I get my carbs and nutrients in other ways.

    Your son has really had a hard go of it. I wish him well. Some how you need to work your magic on him and get him on a low or virtually no carb diet.

    By giving himself injections multiple times a day he has to be testing the same number of times a day as well. He can more easily adjust his doses because of the injections. Old beliefs and old habits die hard, especially when you, of all people, have the medical community working against you.

    If they would only give the TNT methods a try for a spell….what the hell do they have to lose? Multiple injections per day just for starters….Good luck my friend.


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