Nice Day For a Walk & a Talk….

I don’t really have that many close friends so that may well be the reason why I have these ongoing conversations in my head. Many days I am my own best company.

Lefty has been pretty much the dominant voice lately and Saturday afternoon was no exception. My 13 year olds were at a Boys and Girls Club event when I had gone in to pick them up. I was somewhat early and come to find out the event was going to be extended and extra hour.

What to do? Didn’t want to go home just to turn around 20 minutes later just to return. The club is situated next to the high school track and during the fall Mother & I had taken to walking it on occasion, this looked like a good opportunity to do so again. Off I went.

Not long after arriving, I was probably a good 6-7 laps in, closing in on 2 miles or so when my Right brain, “Righty” starts to complaining….”getting cold”…”legs are cramping”….”Tired”….

After listening for a while, Lefty, he just goes to pushing a little harder, We are going to do 3 miles anyway!

Righty, he’s not so convinced, keeps up the complaining.

Lefty keeps pushing.

Now at 3 miles Lefty, he just powers through and is well into 3 ½ miles when Righty is getting really loud, Lefty looks and says, Man if I have to Bitch Slap You I Will!” “Don’t Push Me!

Somehow I managed a solid 4 ½ miles before walking the quarter mile back to the Club.

Lefty can really be a prick when he wants to be! I just try to stay out of the way!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 28, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    4 1/2 + miles – nicely done. Great way to “waste” time waiting to pick up the kids. Me – I would have taken a nap.


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