57:34 Min. 116 avg. 143 Peak.

You know… I’m Really Pumped about my BP & Sugar Numbers! TNT Diet is taking hold.  I haven’t experienced the energy rush yet that is described in the book but I am coming out of the sluggish phase. I’m finally feeling more rested from my recent goings on but I know there is more to it, I really feel good today.

On to the exercise; Just about the exact timing but a very different workout compared to Tuesdays go. 

I did a lot more strait lifting, deads, squats, curls, lats, pull overs, flys, 3 sets of 10 reps each, with increasing weight.  I’m pushing the envelope a little with what my cardiologist recommends but I feel good and at no time do I experience any symptoms that give me concern.

One thing that is obvious by now is that I wear a monitor every time I exercise. I am able to judge how long and how hard I can go at a set before its time to let up. 155 is max for me any more and the carbon valve tends to have a mind of it’s own.  

Tuesdays workout really was more a cardio. I performed mostly body weight stuff and took virtually no breaks between exercises except for the last few moves where I used weights.

I feel more taxed tonight then last.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 26, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    220-50=170 your theoretical Maximum Heart Rate. 153=90% 155 would be pushing it for someone who is not trying to be the million dollar man. At my “advanced” age, or as Skycabin is quick to point out – older than dirt – I aim for 140. Sounds like the equipment that you were fitted out for is doing the job.

    Reading about your daily exercises – tires me. 😉


  2. Tires you! Come On TNT, You would put me to shame in the same gym!
    No doubt in my mind.


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