57.23 Min 123 Avg 153 Peak

It poured rain here all day Tuesday, providing for one of those great afternoons for cutting out early and heading home for a nap…

Instead I worked late and closed a particularly difficult deal then headed to the gym. Great workout by the way. 16 exercises, again, most in sets, body weights and dumb bells. I could count exact but I am estimating somewhere around 400 reps. 80 Squat Curl Presses. That one move is a good finisher, if I am not taxed by the time I start them, I am near failure by the time I am done. 

Tuesday morning I started the day weighing 205 best non-flu numbers I have posted to date. This morning after a very clean eat day I weighted in at 206.8.  Being that I have been away from the gym for almost a week I’m hoping its replacement muscle.

I’m 12 days into TNT here are my vitals, BP 131/78/54, Sugar 159, (posted a 114 on Saturday evening I think it was) weight 206.8.  My INR has been bouncing over the last month, this week it was 2.0, last Tuesday it was 3.5, target is 2.5.  I am not sure how the new way of eating is going to affect it but no matter I will dose the diet.

Still a little Boat Show hangover this morning, though for the most part, I feel Good!


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 24, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    INR – now that is a new one for me. Looked it up. I have no idea about the impact on that. The only impact might be the amount of veggies and resultant Vitamin K – but I am guessing – widely.

    Amazing that you started this in the middle of your Boat Shows – WOW – talk about not cutting yourself a break.

    If you have questions – you know to just ask – including PMing.

    Good Eating
    TNT Man


  2. Hey TNT,
    No better time to get started. If I had not started when I did I would have gone to Portland and come back packing 5 more pounds of fat. As it turned out, on the 17th I weighted in at 208.2. Come Monday the 22nd I was 205! First show I can recall where I have lost weight.

    I didn’t play like a virgin though, couple days I had a couple of beers and taxed myself a clean eat for it. Figured if I could come home with a split I would do well, ended up 7 & 3.

    INR is not to bad, being the type of valve I have (an On-X Carbon) I test my INR every Tuesday morning and report my numbers. I am part of a FDA study. I can dose my diet so to speak. Vitamin K can affect the value as can alcohol.

    You have got to know I’ll be hitting you with questions. I thought I would post one on the TNT Board just to introduce myself into the conversation. I have a question about my eggs in the morning. Are eggbeaters as good as the real thing? I will be throwing up a post soon,
    I’d be pissed if you don’t reply!

    Be Well,
    How’s your Mom doing?


  3. Posted by TNT Man on March 25, 2010 at 5:03 PM

    Egg beaters are for wimps. They are worthless on this diet.

    My mom is recovering so very slowly and being where she is – eats away at her sanity – as it would to any of us. Thanks for asking.

    Post on the TNT Forum – you will get a good discussion going.

    Also – 2 light beers <3grams carbs – Michelob ultra are ok – tastes like water – switch to wine or hard liquer.


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