44:30Min, 111Avg, 140Peak

I squeezed one in before heading to the boat show.  This was my only window of opportunity for a workout if I was going to be able to log one for the weekend.  Losing the first 5 days of this challenge is not something I am accepting gracefully. Need to earn the gym dues though!

Pretty much a traditional workout in the relation that I performed 12 exercises, half in sets, 3 x 10, with a few minutes of warm up and 5 or so of minutes of stretches to finish.   Never felt cranked so there was not a lot of cool down for this one.

Stuck to squats, curls, couple versions, standing cable rotations, (Nice core builders) pull overs, sit ups, push ups, dips, even worked the machines, usually I stick to free weights. 296 reps total. Workout left me feeling taxed but it was not performed at an intense tempo.  A little scattered too, I need to write out a couple of circuits. Something to do during the slow points today.

Off to the show.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Great job! You have your priorities right!!! You have to work so you can enjoy those workouts…righ? LOL! Very motivating that you squeezed a workout into your crazy schedule!!!

    Hope the show was a good one for you!



  2. Posted by Yabby on March 23, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    You’ll jump right back into it after you get back.


  3. Thanks for the kind words, BB Mom & Yabby.
    I apologize for the delay in responding here, my days get funny this time of year.

    Hey, great start to the challenge eh!


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