Starting Vitals….

3/17/10 Here is where it begins.

For me it’s about getting the numbers listed below under better control, especially the sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure values. If I can get a better grip on these factors then the weight should come in line as well.

Weight; 207.2lbs Goal; 190Lbs

Body Fat Percentage; 29.9 Goal; Less then 20% 

Blood Pressure; 154 / 92/ 62hr Goal; 130 / 80 /52 hr

Sugar; 198 Fasting Goal; 140 consistent.

Total Cholesterol; 197 Goal; Under 150

HDL; 29 Goal; Above 40

LDL; 106 Goal; Under 80

TRG; 308 Goal; Under 150

INR; 3.5 Range 2.0 – 3.0 not relevant, overdosed this week.

I’m not crazy enough to expect that I will meet all of my goal numbers during this challenge although I know the BP and Sugar numbers are within reach. The cholesterol numbers will take longer. What I am looking for though is improvement in each. My intention is to follow the TNT Diet as closely as I can. Between resistance, cardio, and the 15-minute morning routines I will be covering any and all exercise requirements.

No more bullshit, I need to get to these levels and then maintain them.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 18, 2010 at 7:18 AM

    You have the TNT book. If you are a #s guy who needs to Know – then here are your guidlines:
    Protein = 1 gram per pound of Lean Body Mass – for you that would be approximately 145 grams max.
    Carbs = the amounts derived from 4-5 servings of the approved veggies + some misc carbs from nuts and other stuff. If you really need to COUNT – keep your Carbs closer to 30 grams in the first 4 weeks.
    Fats: All the rest of your caloric needs come from the approved dietary fats. Do not be afraid of dietary fat. This is your energy source now – no longer from carbs. The transition can take 1-3 weeks until your body feels right.

    I just had blood work done – have my physical next week – will know if my #s have remained in the target range.

    Good Luck
    TNT Man


  2. Thanks TNT,
    I cut and pasted your post, it will go on my fridge for regular reference.

    I have the book but have not studied it as closely as I should yet.
    I started cutting virtually all carbs, breads etc, over the past weekend, Eating salad and lean meats a lunch and dinner. I haven’t completely transformed though, this morning I had oatmeal with a scoup of protien and a scoup of flax. still need to break some habits.

    After I clear this weekend’s out of town boat show I will have a better shot at success. We brown bagged it today although I did have a couple of free beers on free beer night.

    I will get there sooner then later. Tomorrow will need to pack a couple protien shakes along with my chicken, I know I did not get 145 grams today.

    Normal to feel a little flat?

    Thank you for the assistance, it is grealy appreciated.

    Please let me know how your numbers come out. I think you already know what will be reported. I hope they remain good for you.

    My wife is still not sold on this but she is reserved to knowing that I am going to give it a full go. Hey I have been doing all that I am told to do and it’s not working so what the hell. I need to find a way other then taking another dam pill!


  3. Good luck! You seem to have the motivation and determination to make it happy! I hope your numbers get to the necessary levels! My hubby went on TNT and is in the best shape of his life…well close…but he couldn’t get his cholesterol numbers any where near where they needed to be…he fought having to take meds…but ended up on them..still not convinced…

    Enjoy the challenge!



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