46.33 min. 126Avg. 155 Peak.

I hope my meter is not broken.  Sunday’s workout had the same stats this workout was 15 minutes shorter, reasonably intense though.

Unless I am doing sets of a certain exercise I generally go from one move to the next. As you have seen with my circuits before I go from legs to arms to core then back to legs, chest etc… so as to not have to slow down.  IF I get pumped up I will walk a lap to get my heart rate back into the mid 120’s before starting up again.

I will tell you though, my circuits are meant more for a quick hit 20 – 25 minute routine.  Pushing this method to 40 minutes is going to challenge me to build the stamina.

Mondays workout included a 7 minute warm up circuit. 36 minutes of body weight and lifts, 15 exercises, 3 for 3 sets, 6+ minute cool down + stretch.

I’m Ready for the Spring Challenge.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 17, 2010 at 7:17 PM

    Building Stamina – ha! I did my Count Downs – was leaning against the wall between #6 and #5. One guy asks me if I am all right – told him that the EMTs did not need to be called. I need a face lift so I do not look my age.


  2. As long as you left under your own power you will be ready for the re-abuse tomorrow!


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