It is time to get my fat butt back to the gym…

Since finishing the last challenge I have not turned in a regular routine.  Between dealing with the after effects of the flu, working 22 of the last 24 days, and using every free minute studying for a certification exam, I have successfully broken my exercise schedule.

Same thing happened last year, got busy, schedule broke down, and never got back into the routine until well after Labor Day. Not that I was inactive by any means, I bet I played 100 rounds of golf, I always carry my gear and my morning power rounds are a taxing and enjoyable cardio.  I do love the personality of the course at 5:30 am.

Friday I will be putting the Certification test behind me, win lose or draw.  Display at one more boat show 17th – 21st and then my daily schedule will begin to settle down. Just in time for the course to open!

Major difference because of the 52DC, this spring and summer I will be logging gym time too.  Swinging a club by day, lifting by night. I have an expectation that all the core work I have done over the past 5+ months will show up on the fairway.

The break has not been all bad. The bank account is in better shape, body is feeling rested, a little loose though, a little flabby. Time to get back in the groove.

Glad the next challenge starts within a week.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on March 11, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    I am not a golfer – but I showed my friend some cable based core exercises – he said it improved his swing. You should see the results of your gym efforts on the course. Good luck on the certification exam. I did that a number of years ago – we never lose our fear of being tested.


  2. Good luck on your cert test today!!

    Looking forward to seeing you in the next challenge…


  3. Back Home, really long 2 days.
    I did real well though. Glad to have put this exam behind me.

    Jags, I am looking forward to the next challenge too. It’s getting to where you can use your kayak just about anywhere now, the ice is going out quickly. Wicked early this year eh?

    TNT, just as you mentioned, I have been doing a few cable exercises, twisting type stuff, I should be able to generate a great deal more whip. Now, if I can control the club head…….
    I hate tests, especially at this point in my career. Done for a couple of years again.


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