This One Is Done….

Started to wonder if I was going to complete this challenge.  I set myself a pretty solid week to finish up.  What I didn’t factor was catching the bug!  Really can’t dismiss the value of resting the body between workouts either. 

Things started last Friday when my daughter joined a field trip to a UMO hockey game in Bangor.  The Boys & Girls Club sponsored the outing.  My two youngest ones are regulars, going to the facility after school everyday, they really enjoy it.

About 6PM Mother received a call from the Daughter that she was not feeling all that well and had thrown up.  We took to the 3 hour round trip picking her up. I could not see having her not feeling well and riding a school bus 100+ miles home.

Back to the challenge, I set my week to be real full, guess who is the next in the family to come down with the virus?  I was flat on Thursday for the entire day. I’m not sure if it would have mattered if I had taken a day in between workouts this week or not.  In the end though I did accomplish my goals for the most part. 

The double I pulled on Wednesday really kicked my butt. It was my 5th day in a row and easily my most strenuous workout.  By pushing it more then usual I know I run my system down making me more susceptible to the virus.

Lost out on Platinum by not eating right, or, at all on Thursday and then again Friday morning.  Lost 6 pounds.  Hey it will give me something to shoot for next challenge.

Finished my last resistance training at home this morning, glad to have put it under my belt.

All in all, a better showing then I thought it would be. 

10,000 reps and much stronger for it.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on February 27, 2010 at 12:39 PM

    10,000 reps – NICE – well done.

    I push myself to get as much of my goals out of the way as early in the Challenge as possible – because I know that LIFE tends to get in the way.

    We did not leave the house until 2:30 and where out on partially plowed roads for only about 2 hours or running errands – then back. This morning I went over to my son’s house to help him shovel out. His own cardiac situation prevents him from doing and real heavy work – so – although I intentionally skipped the gym – I still got a work out.

    I believe you have the BBOE – the diet advice is “TNT Plan A – Light.” Exclude the milk and fruit and the rest pretty much works for the first 4 weeks – after that it depends upon how much weight you still have to lose. The TNT book is available in soft back at the local book stores – or – for cheap on Amazon.

    The next Challenge is going to be fun – because we will make it so.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    TNT Man


    • TNT, You folks just keep getting whacked with snow. We on the other hand have been really lucky to date, that’s what makes me most nervous! Our turn will most likely come right smack in the heart of our show season. But, as I’ve said before, “It wouldn’t e a boat show without a blizzard!” sad but true.

      You are right up there with Skycabin on assisting people, weather its your neighbors or family members, or the participants on the forum, you are always lending a hand, Superior character trait.

      I own both books and have not read each cover to cover although I have dog-eared a number of pages, side notes, etc… you do not want a book when I am done with it. BBOE page 440, I’ve gone through it and follow a lot of what it instructs.

      I still stick to a few of the things I picked up in the ABS diet also, I do like my AM oatmeal, does it really hurt to swap the oatmeal for eggs a few times a week? Cut back on the milk a while back and eat fruit a couple times a week still, Potassium. I don’t really have a set weight loss goal, it wouldn’t be bad to break 200 at some pint, I feel good where I am at right now though. I am more interested in getting my numbers more in line.

      Looking forward to the next challenge already. My goals will be suppressed a little from this last one simply because of time constraints. I hope to be playing golf 4-5 times a week before it concludes too…that is if we are not dealing with the spring snow!

      Be well


      • Posted by TNT Man on February 28, 2010 at 9:12 PM

        Capt – couple of bullet points in no special order.
        * TNT is NOT a diet. It is low carb eating integrating exercise nutrition.
        * You can lose or gain weight eating this way – all depends upon how much you eat.
        * The first 4 weeks are strict – switches your body over from using carbs for energy to using dietary fats for energy. It is all about Insulin manipulation. That is what will take care of your Cholesterol and Triglyceride numbers.
        * When the first 4 weeks are completed – and you really have no weight – or only 5 pounds or so to lose – you switch to one of the other plans – where you eat carbs during certain specific times. Again – this supports exercise without screwing up your blood numbers.
        * My pre/post workout shakes are made with a scoop of protein and 8oz of no fat chocolate milk.
        * I will have berries and cream for desert – on a limited basis.
        * If I want oatmeal – I can have it during the re-load time zone – Plans C, D or E.
        Timing is everything.
        TNT Man

  2. Capt:

    You had an absolutely awesome challenge! You completed it, hosted many times and ended with strong numbers! The clean eating is a tough one…I know you will be on the platinum stand next challenge! Your dedication and determination are second to none!

    Congratulations, so glad you enjoyed the challenge!



    • BBMom,
      You set quite a bar for the field! The inside challenge you run with SixGz is something to watch. One of the things I look forward to everyday was to read your posts. Always interesting and there was so many good pieces of advice. You set a great example not just for me but also for everyone on the forum.

      Where I did meet my “too easy” CE goal, I really would have liked to have hit 95. Hey this just gives me something to shoot for next time around. As a matter it will be my number one point of interest.

      This fall and winter challenge has disciplined me to clean up my diet a great deal. I plan more meals, I don’t snack near as much, and when I do it tends to be almonds or an apple. I have cut out virtually all fast foods.

      Scheduling my eats when I am super busy will be the real challenge next time around. So many times I get to work in the early AM and don’t realize it’s 6pm until it’s 6pm, without putting much in the tank other then what is easy to grab on the run. That will change this spring.

      Reading how you and other leaders on this forum approach food have taught me a lot this winter, and even though I’ve had this little spell with the flu, I am much leaner and healthier for it.

      Thank you.

      See you on the 17th.


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