I am The 2 C’s….

A Competitor and a Carnivore….

Prepare yourself I am on full-scale whine here!

Neither being a competitor or a carnivore seems to be conducive to my health. 

Being the red meat eater that I am is contributing to my poor cholesterol readings I am told.

Being as high strung, as I am when on a mission is working against me in the blood pressure category!  I am my own worst enemy!

I went in for fasting blood work last week and the numbers are just not what they need to be.  I’m frustrated, no matter how much I micro manage my diet, or however many drugs they throw at me, nothing seems to work…..

Details; Dec. 2, 2009, my total cholesterol registered 188.  Not bad you would think, under 200…hey, so what’s so bad.  My target is under 150. Triglycerides 348. LDL 88, HDL 34.  Beginning to wonder if it’s possible.

Results today, from Feb. 17, I registered a 198!  Now I’m pissed!  The Lipitor has been doubled since December. I have been almost too good with my diet, but Nooooooo….still moved 10 points in the wrong direction.  Triglycerides are better 303. LDL 103, and the HDL 29! This ones a Double Dam! 

Nurse Martina, whom I really do like, told me, “More Exercise!” 

I Said “What! The 5 days and 12 hours a week are not enough!”

Doc is on vacation so the call will come next week, more drugs……I don’t want any more frigging drugs!

I’m actually perplexed as what to do. I’m not willing to blame this on hereditary.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on February 23, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    Check out my cholesterol numbers on my Blog – I eat red meat – 14 or more times a week. Read the Article in Men’s Health – about one issue ago.

    TNT Man


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