Last 10 Days….

Completing the 7200 was kind of surreal.  I was listening to Feist “The Park” on the IPod as I set the 35 lb dumb bells down after my last squat curl press rep.  Even before the weights were on the rack I was already thinking to myself,  “Now What?”

I always do much better when I am chasing a goal or part of a competition.  I figure this is why I have taken to the 52DC’s like I have.  Keeps me disciplined…I like It!

With 10 days left I’m figuring that I should toss a couple more goals in so as to keep me disciplined.  Having to focus solely on CE’s for 10 days will drive me nuts and to the ice cream & chips! 

Here’s what I’m thinking; This weekend I have an Open House at the store so I don’t expect I will have time to make the gym.  That will leave me realistically 6 workout days with proper rest. 

I need 1 cardio and a couple resistance circuits to complete my goals as stated.  

The RT’s, I’ll knock out 4 more with my core 15 circuit.  That will give me 26. 

I will perform the routine below 4 times as a cardio workout. That will give me 23 CT’s.  I’ll post 23 but I will shoot for 24, Maybe a Spartacus, maybe an elliptical?  

2 days I will double up, 4 days I will do individual workouts.  

I like Dumb Bell Squat Curl Press’s.  They work for me. I’ve been doing 3 sets at 10 w/25lb,  10 w/30lb,  10 w/35lb. At times I’d do a few more.

Instead of the 3 sets I am use to I am going to do 8 sets of 10 reps of dumb bell Squat, Curl, Presses.  

Specifics; 10 @ 20lbs, 10 @ 25Lbs, 10 @ 30lbs, 10 @ 35lbs. Then reverse back to 20lbs.

I will do 10 reps then rest a minimum of 1 minute, keep an eye on my Heart Rate.  First time around I will track my average and max heart rate as I did with the Spartacus.

Should be good.  If this routine does not tax me enough though I will have to increase the rep count because I am restricted from increasing weight.

I’m going to take my first shot tomorrow afternoon.

It’s early enough, maybe tonight……Yeah, I’m going to head over to the gym right now. New reason.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on February 18, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    Always pushing – great. I do not have the faith in myself to design my own workout – that is why I follow templates set out in the BBOE or NROL etc. As I get into them, I modify them.

    Keep up the great work.
    TNT Man


  2. Hello TNT,
    I’m not buying that you can’t create your own circuits, you are a very confident man and way to smart about this stuff for me to believe that.

    I am really a neophyte at this for the most part. I read a lot and study topics. Most of what I do has been influenced by stuff I pull out of the Men’s health books I have purchased. BBOE is the best at defining every exercise. I find it a very good resource.

    I flip through, see an exercise I know I can do, figure what part of the body it targets, then stick it into my circuit where I think it fits best. Try to do something arms & shoulders to something legs to chest to something core, back to the arms & shoulders, legs, chest, core…etc. This is the template I use. By rotating targets I don’t have to take as much rest time between exercises. If a move starts to bore me or I feel it’s not doing me much good I just replace it with another move for that target.

    The Squat curl press circuit is a take off of the Tabata workouts. I saw on their site where a guy was doing the high-octane cardio by doing push ups. Figured I could do it with the SQP’s. I modify as I go keeping an eye on my heart rate. I have beat the hell out of my Moobs this challenge and I dare say I’m forming a decent set of pecks. Long way to go still.

    I went to the gym last night and the post I am putting up talks about the experience. Had to double it up to make it hurt, loved it. Good sleep last night.

    I always enjoy the conversation with you.


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