Quite The Sunday…

Kennebec River 1/27/10

Ice Jam on the Kennebec River

We have had a dazzler today. Vibrant Blue sky, about 23 – 25 degrees, light wind. On a day when my friends residing in the mid coast states are still digging out from a couple feet of snow we are out enjoying a spectacular 3-mile walk. I feel for the southerners but glad it is there and not here!

Mother and I had the rare opportunity of having both of our 13-year-old twins available with nothing on the schedule. So we headed out for a walk on one of the shinning stars in the Capitol, area the Rail Trail. It is a 6.5-mile paved walk/bike path that follows the Kennebec River and a seldom-used rail bed.

We spend quite a bit of time with our kids although today was exceptional. I walked the 45 minutes with my daughter, had the chance to catch up with things that are going on in her life, school, friends, etc. She schooled me on just exactly what is contained in a human cell. I hope there’s not going to be a test.  She is a peach! Wicked environmentally minded. 

Just recently we experienced a rare winter rain that dropped about 3” of water on us. The ice had broken up, jammed and cause a few days of serious flooding.  We are just now seeing the Kennebec back to normal levels. The river never flushed itself of the massive cakes of ice so the potential for a second flood is very possible. These ice formations added to our conversation.

What a day,  I could repeat this day over and over again and never get tired of it.


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