Some Days You Eat The Bear…

Some Days You Eat The Bear… And Some Days The Bear Eats You! It would be nice to see what bear meat tastes like someday!

Tough day on the mat for my both of my 17-year-old boys. Both went into the Western Maine Regional Wrestling Tournament with high hopes and riding a bit of a winning streak from last weekends KVAC’s. This weekend they hit a wall.

Neither one of the boys appeared to wrestle close to their abilities. Couple of bad breaks and instead of qualifying for one of four positions for states next weekend they both placed in 5th as alternates. Tough day. They have worked their butts off for this opportunity.

Only thing I could tell them was that Mother and I loved them and we were proud no matter what. Not much consolation I am afraid.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on February 7, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    Damn – hurts us more than it hurts them. But – you were there to support them – and that will be the memory they carry with them.


  2. Good point. They talked with their coach for a minute and then I met each in turn at the end of the mats. All I could do was give them a hug and remind them that their Mother and I loved them. I added that we knew they gave their best effort and that we were proud of them.
    Both final matches were against higher seeded opponents and they came right down to the wire. Wrestling is a pretty emotional sport.
    It was a tough day for the boys, It seemed to be especially hard for mother.
    Next Sport, Next season.
    Thanks for the note.


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