Exercise Log for Valvers’

Getting one started in the past has proven to be no easy task.  

A couple of years ago when I first learned of my impending surgery, I went fishing on the internet to see what I could learn.  I met a great group of folks, very open and welcoming, with a single theme in mind. Much like the 52DC with health and fitness. 

The forum is Valvereplacement.com and there is a link on the side of this page. Mother and I post as R&N Brown.  The common denominator is obvious.  Most everyone has had is scheduled for or is a close family member of a Heart Valve Replacement recipient. 

When I first found the valve site I felt that it really was godsend.  I had a million questions and found many answers and received a great deal of support from what was at the time a group of strangers.  Logistics, drugs, valve choices, procedures, its all there.  What I could not find though was a consistent example of how well life after surgery could be like. 

I never expected to be able to do what I am doing now.

For the particular site it’s not about a contest, it can’t be.  What I am aiming to put on display is simple, “Hope”. 

In the past I have tried to get conversations going on diet and exercise and have met with a frosty resistance.  This past week I went out on the limb and opened up a new conversation.  I have to say that it was received better then expected. Now the key is going to be keeping it going.  You want to talk about a challenge! 

This week I have about a dozen posters.  I am optimistic. Responses were a little mixed but what was most encouraging was to see how many of the posters that are folks who had been sitting on the sidelines with a story to tell and no good place to insert it.  

There are Valvers who are following some very serious programs.  Running marathons, Iron man contests, one guy rode a bike across France!

I am going to start a thread each Sunday; “What did you do for exercise this week?”  This thread is going to take some doing to keep alive.  I’m going to put the time in to get it to mainstream on the Valve site.  There is a need.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on February 5, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Trying to get individuals to become aware of the importance of diet and exercise is tough – you see this from how many Challengers drop out during the course of the Challenge.

    Add to that “normal” attitude, fear and secondary health problems – and what you get – is the resistance that you have already found.

    Good Luck
    TNT Man


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