Think I will Shoot for a 7200

Once my show season starts I know I won’t have the time to attempt 7200 reps + in 52 days again until fall, so why not now.  Besides I’ve been having a great time with this challenge so far and I don’t want to take it too easy on myself.

The perimeters state that for the 3600 the max of one exercise is 800 and the minimum is 200. Using this as a guide and doubling it that would allow me to count 1600 push ups instead of the 2000 I posted. Second, that I would need to perform 400 Planks instead of my posted 250 goal.  All the other exercises are well within parimeters

As far as the push ups go I have been doing a reasonable equal amount of 4 different push ups. Standard, (now I do my standards as explosive) Swiss Ball, Bosu Ball, and Swiss Ball Decline. When I’m feeling sassy I throw in 20 Decline Single Leg Push Ups. I think they divide up enough to gain easement on the overage.

As for the planks, Pulling the extra 3+ hours to do the additional 150 is most likely not possible. So in place I added an extra move, the Dumb Bell X-Chop’s. I will most likely do more then the projected 200 and they target the same muscle group as the planks.

I figure if I hit the gym for a minimum of 10 times at about an hour a shot I should be able to whip these numbers. 

I’ll combine these workouts with a minimum of 6 more Spartacus dual circuits as Cardio and I will complete this winter challenge in good standing.

My Achilles Heal to platinum is going tobe my CE’s. I think I have only 3 to give.

I can’t really get across how much I’m getting out of this challenge. I am starting to get ripples of my abs along the sides. My obliques are forming nicely too. I haven’t displayed anything but fat in my mid section since I was 18 or so! I have been receiving some encouraging comments from mother too. Last thing about my legs was pretty flattering.

Note; TNT, if you are reading this, and I hope you are, please advise me as to whether my reps count is an acceptable trade off. It certainly is in no way an attempt to bend any accepted rules just to serve myself.


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  1. Capt. you are amazing! I have learned that if you set your mind to something it will happen! 7200 is definately within your reach…go for it…can’t wait to watch and hear about your progress.

    I’m glad you have found this challenge to be an effective way to change your life!

    Good luck!



  2. Hello BBMom, I have been having a great time with this challenge.
    From the time our boat shows start in March through to around Thanksgiving we go at 100 MPH. Dec. Jan. Feb. we are in relax mode. It’s an earned rest for all of us.
    As you see from my posts we travel around the state to my son’s wrestle matches.
    I work on my website, set my marketing in place for the next selling season, prepare for boat shows. I have almost unlimited time to exercise, so I do.
    The 52DC fits right in nicely. I am very fortunate to have found you folks.
    Increasing my 3600 to a 7200 will continue to motivate me through the month of February. After that I go back to my 1/2 day schedule, 6AM – 6PM.
    I expect to take part in the next challenge, though I know my goals will have be reduced to more match my gym availability time. So it’s attempt the 7200 now or wait until fall….I’m doing this now!
    Thanks for posting, and Thank You for all the encouragement. Be Well.


  3. Posted by TNT Man on February 4, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    Go for it. Why not? The purpose of setting a 3600 Challenge was to encourage people to push – just a bit harder. If raising the ante works for you – then – so be it.

    Skycabin and I had a mini-pushup challenge a couple of challenges ago. It started out as “who could do the most over 1000.” We called a truce around 5000, we finished at close to 6000. Yes – the two of us got crazy.

    When I complete this Challenge, I will be over 3600 as I have been all along, just never set a higher goal.

    Next Challenge I am going to change the emphasis away from crunches and pushups and to other areas – we do this for fun – sometimes the fun comes from stretching beyond what we ever thought we could do.

    22 days of Clean eats – you can do that – no problem.

    Have fun

    TNT Man


  4. Not blowing 3 Clean Eats of the final 44 is going to be the real task. I know I can do it.
    The challenge is going to be in the next 2 Saturdays. We have all day wrestle tournaments, both 100 miles from home. I have not done well when eating out. I can deal with it and I will.

    I read your business party post the other day and really paid close attention as to how you navigated around food and drink. Nice job. Folks like me learn a lot from folks like you when they pay attention.

    I raised my exercise bar to be sure I didn’t sit on my laurels, I like the challenge.

    Thanks for the comments, Thanks for the examples.



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