Felt Real Strong Tonight

The chicken breast chunks I had for a late lunch went down real good.

They were leftovers from the night before. I tried a new recipe we found in a diabetics cookbook over the past weekend. Baked the chicken with 25 cloves of garlic, ½ cup of white wine and ½ cup of chicken stock.

One rule Mother and I have is that if one of eats something with a lot of garlic we both eat it! Keeps us enjoying being around each other!

This blog wasn’t supposed to start out as a menu discussion. I was punctuating the fact that I had a nice dose of pure protein about a hour before I hit the gym floor. I have to think this extra food for the muscles powered me through a great workout today.

For some crazy reason I have been having thoughts of doubling up on my 3600 challenge. I’m nearing completion on most of my initial levels. Performing 200 Planks is going to be hard enough, just not sure that I could crank out 400…… everything else should be easy enough to achieve. Still not the point.

To finish what I set out to say here, initially I showed up at the gym with full intention to complete a Spartacus workout. For some reason as I started my warm-ups, (the first few moves of my core circuit) I just continued on and finished my core circuit with extra reps thrown in.  Then I moved on to a full Spartacus routine.

Man am I going to sleep good tonight!

Surprisingly I don’t feel all that sore….yet….tonight….Good Chicken!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 29, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    I thought that the Garlic rule – was only between my wife and me – hmmmmmm.

    Goals are only an intelligent gues as to how much you can achieve. You can always increas and/or exceed your stated goals.

    Go for it.
    TNT Man


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