Back in the Groove

After my first attempt at the Spartacus workout I spent Friday feeling a little gimpy. Saturday morning was no peach either. Saturdays double up plus workout and then another clean cardio on Sunday have me limbered back up. I’m ready to take another shot at it Monday afternoon.

I spent most of my workout time this weekend catching some of my 3600 challenge numbers up. Specifically the planks, man I do hate planks, but they are working. I am starting to see a bit of definition in my abs. Mid section feels a lot tighter.

I read somewhere on the Men’s Health board how to go about checking the amount of stomach fat you are carrying. Inhale into your mid section, hold it, Grab your belly with both hands, tighten your ABS, exhale and hold on. What you have left, belly fat. This is just what I am working to get rid of. That handful is not as large as it use to be. Mother is even noticing.

Monday afternoon I will follow the dumb bell weight choices I made and posted on Friday. I’m going to do 10 reps of each exercise. The T push-ups and lunges, I will do 5 reps per arm or leg. I hope to complete 2 sets and see if I can do the entire workout with warm up, cool down, and stretching inside an hour. If I can average a heart rate of 142 – 145 that will be my bonus.

Two exercises I need to be careful with, The Side Lunge & Touch, and the Split Jump. If I were to gander a guess these two contributed most to why I was so sore.


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  1. Ah…the plank…I use to hate them too…my back would hurt in the middle of doing them…now…this workout I am following requires planks and side planks…beginning to enjoy them!

    I love the belly fat idea…makes me feel better…I don’t have much there when I do this…but still feel like I have some to lose!

    Enjoy the workout and do post how you did! You are an inspiration…one of these days I will work myself up to doing it!



  2. Posted by TNT Man on January 25, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    OK – once I have the belly fat in hand – someone grab a knife and cut it off!

    With the weight I lost – I have loose skin all over the body – Over the belly – the loose skin is filled with fat – to lose it – the rest of me would look like some of those starvation pictures coming out of Africa. Sigh. End result – save my pennies for surgery.

    Keep up the great work.
    TNT Man


  3. BBMom you’re a peach! Thank you for the kind comments. The back takes a while to condition but I am glad I have worked through it.
    TNT, I know of a lot of folks who would love to have your excess skin problem. And they could if they had your kind of resolve. Consider it a trophy
    The easiest fat to work off is what you can end up with in between your fingers, (correct me if my terminology is wrong here TNT) It’s the visceral fat that is living among my abs and organs that’s the real tough (and deadly) stuff. My stomach doesn’t protrude near as much as it use to so I am hoping that I am doing damage to the more hidden culprit too.
    It’s pouring here today. I’m headed out to the gym then home to make a pot of chili.
    Thank you both for your comments. Enjoy the evening.


  4. I love planks! Keep up the good work you’re doing awesome!


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