Blue Sky

Maine is not the easiest place to pass a winter but it’s home.

My exercise schedule has been blown off course by a 3-day storm that is just now showing signs of moving on. I think it has been since last Friday or Saturday early that we have enjoyed even a patch of blue sky.

The added duties and dense travel have a way of throwing a routine off but they also have a way of mixing things up for the better too. Shoveling, plowing, running the snow thrower off and on, for 3 days has a way of stressing muscles in an entirely different way then my current gym routine does. In addition it has eaten up what little disposable time there is, cuts out the gym time.

I have logged a couple 1-hour battles and one initial 2-hour stint with a shovel in my hand since Sunday. Upper body, arms and hips, I’m feeling it. 

This is our second storm of this nature so far this winter. Two years ago it just dumped 6 inches every three days, clockwork. This winter it drops 6 inches a day for three days at a stretch. Why take a break. It’s winter.

Today I fully intend to pull a double. Mid day I’m headed to the gym around the corner for a full circuit RT. Tonight I will head downtown with the family and log a solid Interval on an elliptical or bike. If it will quit snowing! 

Just for the moment, I’m going to enjoy a little sunshine.


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