Single Leg Decline Push Ups

I do what I feel is a lot of push ups, I like em.

Being I am restricted to weight I have found a variety of ways to stress my body. Doc says any form of body weight exercise is fine with him. I keep trying to find ways to ramp up my workouts and remain within guidelines. Dead is for a long time.   

The Big Book says that the Swiss Ball Push ups are the top of the food chain for the exercise. The claim based on having to stabilize your core as well as your upper body and forearms while keeping good form. They are certainly not the easiest move. I like em.

I perform 5 forms of push-ups now. Standard, Bosu Ball, Swiss Ball Decline, Strait Swiss Ball, and now the Single Leg Decline move.

Last night I worked in 2 sets of “SLD” push-ups, 10 reps each leg. I prefer an exercise that works more then one section of your body at the same time. This push up does just that. I felt the work in my shoulders arms, chest, and my quads. Wow! Liked It!

Definitely work a couple sets into each of my RT circuits during the 52DC this winter.

Try a set or two. you’ll like em.

I want to thank TNT Man for a little help with my terminology. I can use all the help I can get! I appreciate your comments and your help.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 12, 2010 at 6:35 PM

    When you say “inverted” is that what the book calls a “Single-Leg Decline Pushup?”

    A couple of Challenges ago – I got into a push-up contest with Skycabin. We called a truce when we got over 5,000. I think we stopped at about 6,000. I now ONLY due declines off a bench – usually 3-4 sets of 25. Suprisingly – after doing these – all of a sudden I could do dips.

    You are doing one hell of a job –

    TNT Man


  2. Thanks TNT, Yes it’s a decline, Your terminology is right, mine is poor.

    Big Book page 36 is where I found the exercise. What I do know is that my feet are on the bench and my nose gets to within 1/2 an inch of the floor. I’ve been doing them for months with both feet on the bench. Yesterday was one of those free days at the gym. I wasn’t really following any script so I tried a couple of new moves, this variation being one of them. They do put some added stress on your quads. Liked that.

    I have all kinds of time in January and most of February, before my boat shows start, so I can get to the gym pretty much at will. Once the season begins time gets a little more difficult. I should be able to workout for a couple hours a day through this challenge. I plan to take one day off a week.

    My struggle with this 52DC as I mentioned in an earlier post is going to be diet. So far I have been perfect, I’m focused. Even eating fish, and I’m not much for fish.

    Thanks for the note, thanks for the assistance with the terminology.


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