Sunday is the day…

Sunday, the day I generally get my most grueling workout of the week in. No time restriction. If I want to experiment with a new move, Sunday is the day. Try a different form of cardio? Sunday is the day…you get the gist.

My Core 10 as I refer to it as is really 15 exercises. They are more a full body routine focused more so on my upper body and ABS. It started out as about 6 moves and has grown.

On Sunday I have the opportunity to work my way through the entire circuit at least once. Then, I will grab half a dozen moves and work a second circuit. If I’m feeling real good, I’ll finish a second full circuit instead of an abbreviated. Health issues restrict me to lifting no more the 5olbs and running my heart rate above 160bpm. So I do my best to keep within those restrictions.

My Core consists of; (after a good 10 minute warm up)

25 Standard Push Ups

30 Jumping jacks

15 15lb Weighted Extension Squats

7-10 60 Second Hold, Planks

25 10 lb Weighted Decline Sit Ups

15 10lb Weighted Back Extensions

20 Decline Swiss Ball Push Ups

20 Elevated Chair Dips

20 Bosu Ball Push Ups

10 20lb Dumb Bells, Squat, Curl, Press

10 25lb Dumb Bells, Squat, Curl, Press

10 30lb Dumb Bells, Squat, Curl, Press

15 Swiss Ball Push Ups

15 25lb Dumb Bells, Chest Fly’s

15 50lb Over Head Chest Fly’s

This circuit takes me, with warm up, about 40 minutes or so. I break at times throughout the routine for a minute here and there depending upon my heart rate and plain how I am feeling. I finish with a good 10 minutes of stretching.

Most days I will jump on an elliptical or a bike and add in about 25 –30 minutes of interval work to finish up my visit. I’m usually pretty well spent by the time I am done.

With shower, dressing and all it’s a good 1:45 – 2 hour from Out of truck to back in.


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  1. Damn looks pretty intense- keep it up!


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