Last night was one of my best at the gym.

Why you ask, well, I was able to share that time on the mats and machines with my wife and our 13 year old twins. What’s better? We’re doing it again this Thursday.

I have been at this strong for over a year. (yeah, I was a newbe last year this time) I have hoped to encourage a couple of my family members to join me on a number of occasions just to be declined because of, as my friend TNT Man refers to it “Daily Trivia”.

My wife and daughter worked cardio and my son worked along side me executing what I call my core 10 exercises. Kid did a good job, showed up the old man a time or two, or at least he thought so.

We had a great time, did what we went to do. Picked up a couple of Subway sandwiches on the way home then lounged around the tube and enjoyed the opening of the Biggest loser. Life was good.

Our intent is to go to the gym as a family each Tuesday and Thursday evening for an hour. Reasonable goal.


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  1. Posted by TNT Man on January 8, 2010 at 9:29 AM

    Having the family workout with you – priceless.

    My son – ran the other direction. My daughter is 3000 miles away. My wife – she joined with me – worked well for awhile with a trainer – than she seriously injured herself from poor form – game over.

    So – I am back to a single guy – doing this about me and for me – with the encouragement of my family. I’ll take the encouragement.

    Keep up the great work.
    TNT Man


  2. TNT, I hope it sticks.
    We were back at it again last night and so far so good.
    My kids spend way more time on their butts then they should. I’m trying to keep it light and fun with the hopes that they take to it. Mothers good, she had already been going more and more on her own too.
    Too bad about the way things have turned out for you with your family. Now though you work out with everyone on the board everyday. Your self motivation motivates people. I can attest to that.
    Be well, Thanks for the note.


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