52DC Starts at Midnight

I am more then ready for this winter challenge.

Last night I was sitting watching the first half of the Boise TCU game, having a bowl of ice cream of all things. At a point it came to me to ask myself what the hell I was doing!

This past weekend I made a pot of corn chowder loved a couple bowls of it too. Not sure where to begin with the calorie count on that. In the same time frame I had put in a couple of solid workouts. All of that work canceled by what I put in my mouth.

My biggest challenge is not going to be Cardio and lift reps, it’s going to be my diet. This morning I tested my sugar levels, 232, I’m a type II diabetic. Some of my issues I was born with, some are hereditary, most are just plain self-inflicted over years of abuse of my system.

I have only been removed from the Fall Classic by 25 days. It’s easy to become undisciplined and to revert to bad habits. I’ve held my weight, I’ve kept up with my exercise routines, but I have used the holidays as an excuse to indulge.

Indulge no more. Starting at midnight, Games On.


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