Back on track

Finally got back to the gym today. Good solid workout too.  Full core circuit and 25 minutes of interval cardio.

It had been since Monday night that I was able to pull the time. Being on a vacation here you think I would have been able to apply more effort, no such luck. Wrestling tournaments, Gift exchanges, New Years Eve with friends, 4 day snow storm, I’m going to have to go back to work on Monday to catch up on my sleep!  

The newbie’s are out in numbers. It’s kind of neat to see what I looked like a year ago when I took to the gym after 25 years or so. Most of the machinery was occupied but no real issue. Most of my initial circuit includes a 15 lb ball, a swiss ball, and a matt. Nothing exciting to a resolutionist.

I’m good with folks trying to better their health. It’s too bad that the majority will leave within a month or so.


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