52 DC progress,…

I’m not crushing this challenge though I’m feeling good about my start. All I have done since March has been to work. Exercise has included not much more then to walk or carry a golf bag. Not quite the same as pressing it at the gym.

Today (Tuesday) I had a great circuit, amazing how quickly it’s bouncing back. 600 weighted reps in my circuit today. I have a couple of 750 rep routines that I should be able to finish in 45 minutes each. I’ll alternate the routines through at least the end of this challenge.

I’m listening to system and working my way up. Thursday I’ll finish the 750 in the 45 minutes for the first time. Gotta start somewhere.

Here are my goals and what my post on Wednesday 10/30 will be.

My Goals

CE: 25/28/85
RT: 3/12
CT: 2/12
PG1: 6/45 50 push Ups @ day


I’m In!,…….

I just put my application in to join the Men’s Health 52 Day Challenge. “The Classic”. I guess I better head over on my way home this afternoon and reactivate the family membership at the Y.

I’ve been away from any real regimented exercise since early spring and its showing! The tire that I worked so hard to shed is “re-treading” around my midsection!  My arms are soft, my calves and thighs have no rigidity, my butt is beginning to sag and the moobs are on their way back in! It’s not a pretty sight folks!

This morning I weighed in at just under 205, my glucose was 188, and I recorded a 144/90/52 BP/HR. This is the starting point. I have plenty of room for improvement here.

My Goals for the Challenge

Clean Eats: 85/104
Resistance Training: 12
Cardio Training: 12

Personal Goal: Not sure yet. I’ll come up with something soon.


Wow! how fast can a year go by,…..

I’m not sure even where to begin,… It’s been quite the absence.

I wouldn’t say it’s time to lace the sneakers back up because I’ve never really given up being active. I golf, carry my bag.  I walk, I haven’t run or lifted this summer.

Mother and I finished kickboxing just before my boat shows began. I’m not so sure the high rate cardio turned out to be so good for my system, I loved it, still do, the workouts are awesome, the body just didn’t keep up with the mind.

March, business kicked in and now here I am, finally with a little more time on my hands.


Tomorrow I test,…

5AM Work Out 10-23-12

Kickboxing last Thursday night, kickboxing Saturday morning, kickboxing again tonight. The routine is only 40 minutes or so but when Mother and I are done, man, we are dripping and feeling a bit used!

These routines are easy in comparison to the Tuesday/Thursday  5AM Rise & Shiners!

Ya Gotta Love It! It’s what we go for!

I got a little off track there,… I usually do not look forward to testing my vitals but this week I’m actually anticipating some good numbers. Last week I had missed my meds on Monday night so my glucose numbers were off on Tuesday morning, 206, wicked poor.  The good though is that my blood pressure is down to a more manageable range.

Last Tuesday after a tough 5AM circuit I posted a 119/72/59HR, frigging amazing for me!

Here are my 52DC numbers and All Out Fitness challenge numbers 2 weeks in;

    52 DC Goals

CE: 24/26/90   Clean Eats
RT: 4/15          Resistance Training events
CT: 6/15          Cardio Training events
PG1: Drive my fasting glucose below 130 (10/23/12 = 206)

    All Out Fitness 3 weeks in;

Lost an inch off my hips
Lost an inch off my stomach
¼ inch off my chest
¼ inch off my thigh
I’ve lost 4 pounds, 3 of which are from fat.

I feel like I’m doing well, though Nanc is doing better than that!

The exercise routines Mother and I have been involved in are spot on with our goals. Emily and Glen at All-Out Fitness are kicking our arse every time we go in. I would recommend this place to anyone.

If you go – be sure to wear your big boy panties,…. they are going to help me get where I need to be.

One week, more or less, into the challenge(s),…

You know I’m kind of liking the Two-Fer here! My body does not recover any more quickly after my workouts though I’m getting double the credit for my pains! At least that’s the way I see it.

Into the first weekend with the Men’s Health 52 Day Challenge my numbers out of the gate are pretty decent, at least exercise wise. I’ll test my sugar on Tuesday morning after a workout.

My Goals

CE: 5/6/90 (5 Clean Eats of 6 possibilities, 90 of a possible 104 is my goal)
RT: 2/15    (resistance training)
CT: 1/15    (cardio training)
PG1: Drive my fasting glucose below 130

The “All out Fitness” Challenge is what is really keeping me disciplined. I mentioned in my prior blog post that it is a “Biggest Loser” type challenge that’s taking place at a fitness center just about ½ a mile from my home.

Mother and I joined this group recommended to her by one of her friends. We both joined and have keeping each other in check with this one. The kickboxing on Monday night is awesome; the 5 AM’s on Tuesday and Thursday are kicking my arse! We are sticking with it.

I have no designs that I will win this challenge thing but I know I’m going to be better off for taking part.


52 DC – The Fall Classic,…

I’m up for this challenge, here are my goals:

Clean Eats: 90/104

Resistance Training: 15 Events

Cardio: 15 Events

PG 1: Push my fasting glucose below 130

Being the lab rat I am, here are my starting specs; (everything is a number)

Weight an even 206 pounds on my scale this morning

Blood Pressure: 150/90 with a 53 BPM pulse

My INR is in Range at 2.4

My Fasting Glucose number this morning was 188.

It’s this last number that leads me to my Personal Goal this time around.  My fasting glucose value is the vital I really want to work on for this challenge. The best thing I could do for myself is to push my fasting number below 130 on the average going forward. I’ll drive it down through exercise and diet.

I am not neurotic about checking my sugar levels many times a day or even once a day, I check once a week. Each Tuesday I sit and do all of my testing /reporting for the week as I have for 3 ½ years or so I will continue to throughout this challenge and report the valuers here.

This challenge is going to be kind of a two-fer for me. I am currently taking part in a Biggest Loser type challenge through a local fitness center (“All out Fitness”) with my wife and we are enjoying the hell out of it,….if you call the killer workouts for us anyway “enjoyment!”

I’ve discovered kick boxing and, “choke”,… 5 AM workouts. I’m making my way through. Mother and I started the challenge a week ago Saturday.

My plan is to kick box on Monday Night, 40 minute exercise classes on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 5, and lifting at the Y on Wednesday’s. Friday through Sunday are going to be free days for make-up circuits or extras, healing the body, rest, I expect all in all I will post 5 workouts a week. This should keep me on track to be successful with all of the fitness challenge/goals I’ve set for this term.

Now, as for the diet,…….

Discovered Kick Boxing today and I love it!

Wow! What a great workout! It wasn’t so killer but I think the leader took it easy on the class this morning, knowing that there were a few greenies miserably out of sync shaking their stuff!

I’m sure that I’ll be finding out just why they call the place “All Out Fitness” real soon though!

Ahhhhh,… it’s been about a month or so since my Wife first mentioned to me something about a “Biggest Loser” type challenge that would be starting today (Oct 6th). She talked about how one of her friends had been involved in past challenges atAll Out Fitness” and had posted some super results.

Mother was really high on doing this and doing this together, we could motivate each other.  Today was the official signup and opening session, we were there.  We were two of the greenies, terribly out of sync and shaking our stuff! It wasn’t puuurty!

Being the tracking/numbers geek I am; during today’s routine I registered a peak heart rate of 143 and an average of 102 over a 45 minute opening session. That’s not too bad for me but I’m thinking that I would like to see the average creep up to 110-115. Something tells me that won’t be much of a problem in the next session when the kid gloves come off!

The bonus; My Cardio Sessions for the next MH 52 DC just became a whole lot less boring!